Dear exhibitors,

Whether traveling the world as a globetrotter, simply alone in nature or taking precautions against crises that restrict our usual living conditions. The number of people interested in independence and a self-sufficient life is increasing.

As an exhibitor, you can choose between our professional, attractive exhibition hall and our appealing outdoor area with or without trees. Transitional covered areas offer you a perfect mix.

For our outdoor experienced trade fair visitors, we offer our green areas and tree stands for overnight stays. In the evening, exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to get to know each other and talk shop around the campfire.


Main topics

  •    Globetrotter travel equipment
  •    Bushcraft / Survival
  •    Functional clothing and tools
  •    First aid, medicinal plants
  •    Water management
  •    Off-road transportation, conversions, boats

Exhibitor service

  •    Exhibitor passes / parking permits
  •    Seminar participation
  •    Online exhibitor entry
  •    Advertising material
  •    W-LAN
  •    Waste disposal / basic and final cleaning
  •    Visitor tickets for your customers